The need for website security increases

WP Safe- We Clean & Protect WordPress Websites

(WPSafe) With the recent shutdown of the national pipeline in the northeast, we have constantly being reminded of the need for website security.  Every business is at risk.  Our government, tech-savvy businesses, and more are constantly being attacked and hurt by Ransome ware and more.  Money is being paid to these criminals that use this type of attack to profit.

Our country and the industry have ignored these risks for too long.  Business owners do not understand the risk until the event occurs.

We recently added a list of FREE WordPress Security Scan to help you evaluate your risk.  Just because you are safe now does not mean you will not be attacked.  These attacks occur at an increasing rate, and victims are paying money to get their data and sites returned to them.

We will be increasing our focus on website security and implementing new products, processes, and procedures to enhance the security of websites for our customers.

Our parent company is WebTech Group.  We specialize in web hosting, design, SEO, and security.