Free WordPress Website Security Scan

Don’t risk the online integrity of your website that can be damaged by hackers – use our list of free WordPress Website Security Scan or contact us

Use the following links for trusted “FREE” online WordPress Security Scanners.  An additional resource is provided by OWASP.

  1. Sucuri – Owned by GoDaddy
  2. Astra – Website Security & more
  3. Pentest Tools
  4. SSLTrust

It is our belief that the two most important factors for website owners are:

  1. Website Security
  2. Website Hosting

Website Security

Strong website security will help your website search engine rankings.  Major search engines scan your website for its content.  Part of that content is your website security.  They know if your site is a potentially risky site.  It can and will affect your website rankings.  If your site gets hacked it will have a dramatic impact on the site, depending on your response time to correct the issue.  Many of these issues cannot be detected if the site is not monitored for security breaches.

Website Hosting

The quality of your website hosting environment can help protect your website.  A good website host will take what actions they can, and should take to protect the sites and servers.  However, security is the responsibility of both, the host and website owner.

Shared hosting is the least expensive hosting, but it has the most risk because your website is hosted on a server that is “shared” with other websites.  If one of those websites is hacked, your website is at serious risk.

Both are equally important.  If you go for cheap hosting and no website security, the question is not “if” but, when you will be hacked.

WordPress Vulnerability

WordPress is known for its vulnerability.  WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the industry.  It is an open-source platform and has an overwhelming number of third-party theme and plugin providers.  However, this flexibility increases the risk.

WordPress website can be secured!  Don’t let anybody tell you differently.  But action must be taken.  The more valuable your site is, the more content it has, and the more traffic you have increases the need to protect it.  The cost to prevent and protect is much cheaper before a hack takes place.  The cost to clean up a hacked site is much more significant and can damage your website rankings for many months.

Best Practice for WordPress Website Security

  1. Subscribe to a prudent hosting environment.
  2. Subscribe to a website security professional that uses best practices.
  3. Perform independent website security audits.  Never rely on one platform or one professional.