WordPress Website Security

WordPress Website Security – we fix hacked WordPress websites and protect them from future attacks

WordPress Website Security – The WP Safe team is constantly learning, researching and innovating new website security products, services and strategies designed to protect your website as cyber threats continue to evolve at alarming rates.

We will diagnose, clean, protect and boost your WordPress website with state-of-the-art-technology.  Our services, include:

  • Diagnose – We will find all threats that damage your site.
  • Clean – We will remove an unlimited amount of malware.
  • Protect – We will defend/protect against hacks and DDoS attacks with WAF.
  • Boost – We will boost your website performance using our global CDN.

Hacked websites will damage your website search engine rankings.  The search engines have some of the most advanced security scanners in the industry.  If they detect malware on your website, they will not show your website in search results in order to protect consumers.

Having wrote that, if your website is properly indexed using the search engine tools, the search engines will warn you of security threats and allow you sufficient time to clean your website before they remove it from their index.  If they remove a website from the index, it will no longer be shown in search results.  However, many websites are not properly indexed or monitored to assure top level security.